Dr. Chen did an amazing full mouth restoration for me. I have bruxism (I grind my teeth while I sleep) so I have done extensive damage to my natural teeth.  I became very uncomfortable showing my teeth in pictures. Not only did Dr. Chen provide me with a beautiful new set of teeth, she also provided me with a smile that I no longer want to hide. She literally brought the smile back to my face. I also appreciate her because she’s exceptionally good at her profession and truly cares about her patients.”

Mark H.

“I want to personally thank everyone at Greater Las Vegas Dental especially Dr. Chen. She has been wonderful and working on my case which ended up being a lot more extensive than anticipated. I am not the best of patients and have a lot of anxiety when I go. Everyone there has made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Chen has explained every time what she is going to do and is very concerned about your comfort and how you are feeling. Currently when it seems like a lot of professionals are more interested in the business side then the actual humanitarian side. Dr. Chen proves that her patients come first, and she always follows up and worries about their care. If you need dental work done, I highly recommend Dr. Chen and her staff. They are very knowledgeable, kind and try to make sure you are happy with the results. I know I am!

Kimberly M.

“As a teenager, I had my teeth straighten and I was very pleased with the result. However, through the years, I unknowingly had been grinding my teeth at night (bruxism). By age 50, my teeth were merely little stumps and my routine dentists only told me that I should have seen them 25 years earlier when I could have been treated with a night guard.
These answers did not help me until finally another dentist referred me to Dr. Evangeline Chen in Las Vegas. She proceeded to assess my situation and informed me that she could reestablish my long- lost jaw relationship and  perform a full mouth restorative  procedure instead of having me wear dentures in the near future. I elected to have this dental crown procedure and it has been fantastic! I can now chew any type of food except for things like hard candy or ice. As an equally terrific benefit, I can now smile and show my teeth, something I haven’t done for decades! Dr. Chen was very dedicated, compassionate, and sympathetic with my situation, and she continues to do so through the years of my follow-up appointments. I heartily and unequivocally recommend Dr. Chen to anyone who requires any routine dental care to the most sophisticated restorative and cosmetic care.”

Dennis Y.

“Have you ever seen someone that always covers their mouth with their hands when they laugh or smile? That was me for the longest time. I spent a large portion of my adult life doing this because I didn’t want anyone to see my teeth. This all changed after a few visits to Dr. Chen at The Greater las Vegas Dental. Dr. and her staff are amazing and what really mattered to me during the process was the compassion that I was shown during the process. I was told exactly what was happening during the procedures and my comfort levers were always set at ease. now, I absolutely love my smile and I show it off as often as I can. As much as I love my teeth, having the process done has given me a major boost to my confidence as well. It’s amazing what a great smile can do for someone. I cannot recommend enough how fantastic Dr. Chen and her staff are. Truly the best!

Gary K.

“I am writing this letter to express my happiness and overall gratitude towards you and your staff for the truly amazing dental craftsmanship and treatment I received. The quality and precision of your work is pure artistry. The reconstruction and the various procedures that I desperately needed were done with the utmost care. I had so many different procedures done and my teeth were in bad condition, so I was extremely worried and skeptical that the final results would be out of reach, even for the greatest dentists but you exceeded all my expectations I might have dreamed of.”

Mark H.

“I want to thank you for all the efforts and tiresome hours that you devoted to restore my painful and diseased mouth. Cancer and its treatments resulted in the terrible condition as presented to you back in April.

I believe the restoration, which resulted in a beautiful and painless mouth after so many years, was nothing less than a blessing.

In addition I would like to thank your team, which were so helpful and caring during my treatment and beyond. Thank you to Grace, Nene, Vanessa and Rita for their help and professional acumen when dealing with a patient especially me.”

Marty G.

“I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for the wonderful service you and your staff gives to my family and me. The pride you take in your work shows, as does the professionalism generated throughout your entire office.

We are generally able to make the appointments we need to fit our busy schedules and we hardly ever have to wait past our appointment time. If we did have to wait, it was only for about five minutes, at most.

In fact, we are so pleased with the courtesy, caring, and respect shown us by you and your staff, we have recommended you to several friends and relatives, some of who have already become patients of yours!”

Laura M.

“Thank you for the beautiful work you have done on both of my daughters teeth. Rhema’s smile is ovely and she is pleased with the result. Grace is no longer afraid of the dentist because of her positive experience with you. I appreciate all you have done.”

Maria G.


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